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Shish Tawouk Plate

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Sides and Salads

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At Mashawee Grill…..

we invite you to awaken your senses with our sizzling grilled dishes spiced to perfection.   We specialize in preparing the finest Mediterranean authentic dishes using superior quality of ingredients.    Mashawee Grill is your opportunity to escape with family, friends or colleagues to enjoy tasteful, invigorating dishes while staying close to home.  Imagine a meal that is so mouth-watering and appetizing that motivates you to slowly enjoy every bite, be mindful of all the flavours in a way that boosts your energy and vitalize your senses.

Choose from a zesty selection of grilled lamb, chicken or beef perfectly seasoned for your tasting pleasure.    Enjoy our exclusive choices of gluten free, vegan and veggie delectable dishes prepared with superior level of freshness and care.

Mashawee Grill is your exciting getaway, no far from home.  For your convenience, we’ll bring this experience to you through online orders and delivery.

Indulge in the Mediterranean experience today.  Check our rich and fresh mouth-watering selections here.