About Us

Mashawee Lebanese Grill welcomes you to an exclusive Mediterranean culinary experience.  We offer a flavorful selection of succulent Mediterranean dishes prepared with the finest ingredients, seasoned with homemade spices and grilled to perfection.  Our choices of healthy dishes appeal to clients conscious of their health and looking to fulfill specific dietary needs such as gluten free, vegan, vegetarian or MSG free.  Our meat “lovers” culinary variety attracts clients who love perfectly grilled dishes and are conscious of the consumption of healthy meat (grass-fed, halal- ethically and humanly procured meat).

In a beautiful warm and cozy atmosphere we invite you to savour the exclusive, delicious, mouth-watering and authentic taste of the Mediterranean.

Our mission
Our core mission is to provide our clients with an exclusive variety of healthy, authentic, flavorful and tasty Mediterranean dishes that awaken all senses.  In an impeccable, warm and cozy atmosphere, we invite you to create indelible memories, with family and friends, through great tasting and succulent dishes for your pleasure. For your convenience you can also enjoy our delicious meal choices at the comfort of your home or office, through our online orders.

Our Vision
We aim to bring our clients authentic, healthy and sizzling Lebanese grill experience to every city in the lower mainland.  Our lip-smacking recipes will reach our customers looking to savour this healthy and authentic Mediterranean experience, close to  home.