Our Story

Inspired by the profound cultural and culinary delights of the Mediterranean cuisine, Mustapha and Adib  founded their first of several Mediterranean restaurants in 2011.  They led a highly successful franchise of fast-food Crispy Falafel inc.    In 2020, prior to the challenges of Pandemic, they made a decision to launch Mashawee Lebanese Grill, an exclusive concept of mouth-watering grilled dishes prepared with love, using the finest ingredients and served with the highest level of quality.   In spite of the pandemic issues, the Mashawee launch was highly welcomed by the neighbourhood and they have consistently received almost perfect review ratings of 5 stars on the delicious concept that keeps their clients wanting more.  The opening of Mashawee also experienced a high level of success, especially with the online orders and takeout.

Since his childhood, Mustapha enjoyed travelling to several countries on three continents.  His journey enabled him to discover cultures, languages and the zest of all life has to offer.   He has owned several successful businesses and worked in various industries building his strong curriculum in entrepreneurship.  Mustapha was always passionate about his Mediterranean roots, culture, cuisine and upbringing.  When he migrated to Canada, over two decades ago, he was astonished by the absence of authentic Mediterranean cuisine in the lower mainland. He made it his mission to embark on a journey to fulfill this need for his community.  Born in Lebanon, often referred to as “the gourmet’s paradise”, Mustapha was always drawn to his mother’s home cooking of authentic Lebanese cuisine. He has been taking notes on recipes & culinary ideas all his life

Lebanon, an ancient, spiritual and rich land, is the home of the oldest most inhabited cities in the world such as Sidon, Tyre and Byblos.  For centuries, diverse religious traditions have shared this land, the taste and authenticity of its culture and cuisine that is deeply inspired by humility, simplicity, unity and serenity.  The Scriptures tell us that Jesus undertook more than one preaching, and done many miracles between Tyre and Sidon, among which the first was transforming water into wine in Cana.  For centuries, this mystical and serene land has upheld its reputation as the destination for the authentic, healthiest and most exquisite culinary creations in the world.

Peace Arch Hospital Healthcare Champion
Peace Arch Hospital Healthcare Champion 2020

Our clients appreciated the homemade approach of our meal preparations.  We are honoured to have been nominated as the 2020 Health Care Champion” by the Peace Arch Hospital Foundation for delivering lunches to Health Care professionals, during the most challenging pandemic time.

 Supporting our local communities is essential to our business practice.   We support various local charities focusing on eliminating poverty and improving education and the lives of children in need.  We aspire to help our clients enjoy homemade healthy Mediterranean recipes so they can indulge in memorable experience.  Our Mediterranean style restaurants have become the go to place for people to enjoy affordable casual dining through incredible recipes with soul.

Mustapha, Adib and their respective families live in the beautiful lower mainland of British Columbia.

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