Testimonials of our Guests

Upon our business launch during the most challenging pandemic time, we made a great impression on our valued guest clients.   Most of our reviews online are 5 out of 5 stars.  Here is some of what our clients are saying:

“This is my first experience with Lebanese food and it’s so amazing! The employees are very kind and the food is delicious! I was also offered a cup of cardamom black tea while I wait which was very tasty. I’m definitely coming back again and again! “   -Sami McBryer

“We loved this place. Lovely friendly staff. Tasty food. Complimentary tea! We both opted for a chicken shawarma salad. Divine!! “  _Mama Lise

“ This place is amazing! Takes a little bit of time for the food, but it is defiantly worth the wait! Best food overall I’ve ever had!“ _ Colby Zawila

“ Had meat kebabs, rice, salad and pita bread. It was delicious. Enjoyed all the spices and tastes. Very nice-looking restaurant. I look forward to dining in. Felt like Yaletown south.” _ Kevin Schindler

“ I stopped by this restaurant accidentally. I loved the restaurant atmosphere and the staff is amiable. The food is good, and the price is reasonable. I will come back if I visit this area again.“ _ Najah Adreak

“Wow!! First time here tonight, and of the many Lebanese restaurants we’ve tried, this is definitely our favourite. Same owners as Crispy Falafel, but Mashawee is barbecue not shawarma based. I always thought I was a shawarma guy, but discovered otherwise tonight! The chicken (shish tawouk) is tremendously flavourful!! And the falafel is just right: crunchy, fluffy, with a balanced flavour. We will definitely be back regularly! “  -David Hunt

“This restaurant is a very nice surprise! Fast food is authentic, abundant in portion and a beautiful clean environment, I recommend highly!” _ Michael Ireland

“A must get is the Halabi plate and the Kebbe. So delicious. I got it twice in one week. Must save money; but so delicious.“ _ Sunez Sudhakar

“Simply the best out there! My favourite restaurant so far, I want to try all of their dishes!” _ Artem Jan

“I work in Mashawee , working here is like being with your family. We have great Bosses! I am blessed to be working here.” _ Natalie Jahwart

“Great food and reasonable prices. Ordered as a group at work and they individually bagged up everything and labelled the bags clearly with our names.” _ Svea Poulsen

“Tasty freshly made food, spotlessly clean restaurant.” _ Tom Wilson

“Started working in the area recently and wanted to try some local eateries. This was a huge surprise!! The food was fresh and tasted fantastic! Friendly staff! Highly recommend.” _ Rob McCallum

“I had this shish taook and it was amazing! The chicken was moist and flavourful. Not dry. Humus was smooth and very good. I would def come here again.” _ Ahmed Durrani

“Great experience of dining there. Really like the lamb stir fry there. Reasonable price with tasty foods. Dining atmosphere is neat and elegant. Definitely will go back. Highly recommend👍.” _ Steve Tang

“This place and food and staff need more stars I just love it the food is so healthy and fresh ,place friendly ,staff really polite.” _ Mohamad Rashedi

“Lovely food, delicious tea, delightful staff. Ambience is relaxing.” _ Lynnette Mohr

“So glad they opened in White Rock. Delicious, succulent chicken in the shish tawouk. The Knafeh is a nice treat too.” _ Sunny Yerra

“A very elegant place for different Shawarma (lamb, beef or chicken) wraps and plates as well. A few more options for vegetarians , falafel, eggplant and potatoes. All freshly made and a very clean restaurant. Both the place and the food are excellent.” _ Fady Moussa

“ This was delicious! Light and fluffy Falafels, such flavourful Chicken kabobs and wonderful creamy Humous! Wow, a quick walk and we are there. We will definitely be back! 🤗 “ _ Kerry O

So excited for this place to open. I ate there today. Excellent! So impressed. _ Bree Arnold

“Fresh ingredients well prepared…Tasty, healthy cuisine.” _ Ben Kendall

“Best place ever food is so good and good costumer service. Highly recommended.” _ Raymond 89

“An awesome place with best Lebanese food… try their skewer tray…” _ Moderate Guy

“Delicious food and very friendly staff. Definitely recommend!” _ Paul Matthews

Everything on the menu is tasty.” _ Anuj Tohani

“The food So delicious and great service so friendly people” _ Lulu Hamdan

“Fantastic fresh food. Great portion sizes!” _ Sunil B

“Very tasty!”  _ Club Center

“Great friendly service. New place reopened after rebuilding.” _ Eric Ross

“Love it!” _ Mr Gauthier

“Delicious. Would recommend!”  _ Philipp Kundert

“Lebanese restaurant that serves delicious food, grills and salads and Konafa. Very beautiful, may God bless you!” _ Abodyab ltakia

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